Air Dancer


Great advertising and party equipment. We offer them as "dancing billboards" for advertising and branding purposes. Air Dancers are just a eye catching tools. One thing is for sure, they are proven in attracting crowds and public attention. Drive traffic to your store and increase sales! Wavy men are air driven inflatable dancers that move to attract attention. Air Dancers are the most cost effective way to get passing traffic to see where you are. The non stop action and bright colours will certainly capture the publics attention. Air dancers are suitable for Grand Openings, Community Festivals, Sale Events, Birthday Celebrations and all kinds of special events. Air Dancer is usually made in size 6m and many colour varietes.

One Leg Air Dancer

Air Dancer 1 leg


Can be made in size 3-8m on high. You can choose from many colours or designs for your Air Dancer



Two Legs Air Dancer

Air Dancer 2 legs


Often made in size 6m on high, but can be made till 10m high.

Choose from many colour varietes and designs for your

Air Dancer 2legs.


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