Inflatable Structures

Inflatable Structures

Dare to be different and give yourself the competitive edge your brand deserves. Our inflatable structures are a fantastic way to get your brand noticed and our unrivalled design service means we can create a building for you to be really proud of. Even if you’re unsure of how to incorporate an inflatable structure into your event whether it’s a product launch, corporate event, exhibition, festival or campaign, our experienced consultants can help advise you on the best approach for your brand or event.

We design, supply and install a whole range of inflatable structures from simple inflatable domes to fully custom solutions tailored to your own specification. We use the very latest in contemporary design, combined with cutting edge technologies and our experience of inflatable structural engineering, to take on even the most challenging of projects to make sure you get the most out of your inflatable product. You can choose from our standard range of buildings to purchase or rent, or opt for a custom designed inflatable structure tailored to suit your needs and brand.

Our inflatables can also double as inflatable sign for advertising. We offer many branding options with logos and custom messages for sponsorships, promotions, and brand enhancements.


We offer you the option to brand with temporary decals. Purchasing them gives you the option to interchange decals to fit your marketing needs.


Branding with projections especially Cubes and Air-Walls, are the perfect surface to project logos, messages, videos, or abstract designs. Inflatable surface projections can be used in high-profile events, such as celebrity award shows.


Permanent Print: Print digitally in any amount of colors a logo or message, or print on the entire surface. This option is also available on any shape.


Custom Print and Branding: Use stickers or custom print on inflatable structures to target many people across large spaces, through exhibit halls and around fair grounds.

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