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Our accessories will give your event the perfect effect.

Barrier Post Stand

Project Description


Product Name: Barrier Post Stand

Perfect for Crowd Control

Modern Polished Stainless Steel Barrier Post

Simple and Easy Connection to Any Direction

Base Does Not Touch the Floor Directly(with Rubber Protection)

Heavy Duty Base Ensures the Great Stability

Easy Movement and Simple Installation

Ideal for Bank, Hotel, Hospital, Playground, Exhibition or Trade Show Use, etc

Bottom Base: 32cm (dia.)

Pole Size: 100cm(Height)

Pole Material: stainless steel

Indoor and outside can be used,widely use in establishments such as hotels, clubs and exhibition centres.

Twisted Barrier Rope

Project Description


Product Name: Twisted Barrier Rope

The Barrier Rope in twisted finish.

It brings added functionality to any business space quickly and efficiently guiding people to specific locations.

Keeping an adequate supply on hand is essential for growing businesses as staffing or business needs dictate.

Steel clip hook fitting at both ends.

Can be used in any place to hook.

Material: Polyester & Steel

Length: 1.5M

Colour: Red

Red Carpet Runner

Project Description


Product Name: Red Carpet Runner

This red carpet is the perfect choice for decorating the entrance of a restaurant, club or hotel. It’s a must-have for every kind of indoor or outdoor event, including parties, weddings, award ceremonies, celebrations, festivals and so on. This red carpet will be an eye catcher and add a glamorous touch to your event or venue.

With 400 grams per square meter, this carpet is pliable, soft, and can be easily rolled up for easy storage and transport. It is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Colour: Red

Weight: 400 g / m²

Total size: 1 x 5 m (W x L)

1 x 10 m (W x L)

1 x 20 m (W x L)

Fabric: Polyester : 100%